Our passion is the natural world.  We believe growing food and habitat deepens our connection to all life and drastically reduces our negative impacts. We are all part of the natural world.  We should act like it. 

Besides, it's fun to get dirty.


Our mission is to counteract the overwhelming negative impact of industrial agriculture on the health  and future of our planet and its inhabitants. 

We teach, design, share skills, and facilitate growing edible landscapes at home and in our community. 

We continue to learn and embrace the principles of permaculture. In doing so, we declutter our lives, form meaningful friendships, and grow a more resilient community.

Kelley Burnham is founder of Biota's plant nursery (formerly Kelley's and Arti's Plants), a permaculturist, designer, and experimental gardener. She continues to learn, and her latest interest is soils and soil life. Outside of the garden, she's in love with mountain biking, cooking from the garden and playing outside. 


Marian Woodard is founder of Rodgers Ranch Teaching Gardens, an enthusiastic and skilled instructor, master gardener, and urban farmer. She loves to learn and share her knowledge. When not immersed in the garden, she enjoys good food (from the garden, of course), wine, travel, and hiking the mountains.

Maya oversees our spring seeding operation in between petting and playing sessions. Sometimes she lets us work. Mostly she reminds us that work is silly. She lives somewhere in the neighborhood and shows up on time every seeding day. She naps in the catmint and is generally adorable.