Full Speed Ahead!

Posted by Kelley...

Strap on the seat belt and pull it tight.  Keep your arms and legs inside and hold on.  Time will warp.  That's what the last 6 weeks have felt like.  It peaked today as we wrapped up our final tasks for the Urban Farm Expo tomorrow.  Time has found a speed that I've never seen.  I'm not moving faster, but the days are really really short!

It's been quite a ride, and we're about to see what our weeks of hard work and planning will produce.  We hope to see a lot of curious, happy, excited gardeners and soon-to-be gardeners enjoying the event, the workshops, the gardens, and each other.

For a map to the ranch, complete information, and list of classes and exhibitors, go to Urban Farm Expo.  

We have some great workshops and presentations.  Kathy Echols will lead a workshop on propagation.  If you know of Kathy, you know how amazing she is.  Chris Shein will talk about permaculture and his newly published book on the subject.  Another very knowledgable person.  We'll have workshops on garden irrigation, biodymamics, chickens, bees, garden planning, and much more.

I hope to see many friendly faces there.  Wish us good success.