Stormy Weather

Posted by Arti what I wish we had more of, but oh well -- I'll take any amount of precip we can get.  Short of acid rain, that is.

"My" baby CA buckeye
Well, we are back in the game and the heck with the drought.  That's because despite popular belief, tomatoes are not the water hogs that people fear.  In fact, for less than the water it takes for a 5 minute showers, you can water your plants for an ENTIRE season.  Being dirty was never so good.  

However, changes are afoot in our business.  I am "retiring" after this year mostly because I'm just getting too old to lift approximately 1-2 tons of soil and plants in a 4 month stretch.   Instead, I am going to go deeper into native habitat restoration and preservation for homeowners.  

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Be there or be square
Our good friend Marian is coming aboard in my place.  She and Kelley are going to take the business places too -- watch for some awesome products that they will introduce at our first event of 2014, the 2nd springtime Rodger's Ranch Urban Farm Expo and Plant Sale on April 5.  The event is going to be amazing, at least in part because we are hosting Toby Hemenway.  Yes: the father of permaculture.  We still cannot believe it ourselves.  Of course, we will also have free classes, cool vendors, and food.  So come hang out, get some plants, get educated, and get connected.