Tomatoes coming out of my ears

What if nature's exuberance results in a bumper crop (scroll down on Word Detective for unexpected derivation of this term)? Here are some options to extend the pleasure of growing:

1. Canning - The Seattle Farmer's Market has simple canning instructions, even though you are actually bottling them (go find the derivation on that for extra credit).
2. Freezing - The Ag Dept. in North Dakota, a state known for cold temps, published useful directions. It includes some lovely recipes for salsa and sauce which we know can also be successfully frozen.
3. Sun-drying - In California, we can easily use Renee's Garden's instructions, but there are options for those in moister, cooler climates too.
4. Donating - In the Concord area, Anna Chan is an urban saint who gleans from yards -- with owner permission -- by her OWN HANDS. See her blog, The Lemon Lady. If you are out of the area, your local food bank or church will likely be thrilled to get your surplus produce. In fact, we are donating a couple dozen of our plants to the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano. They are going to grow some directly for their clients. Makes ya feel real good...