Herbs and Beneficials

Herbs and Beneficials

HERBS: We all know how nice it is to have fresh herbs growing outside the kitchen, but did you know that many of them also provide benefits to a healthy garden? Their foliage and flowers attract beneficial insects and pollinators, providing nectar, shelter, and protection for themselves and their larvae. They help shade soil and many of them are drought tolerant.  Most are very easy to care for.

Basil Napolitano
Prolific salad basil.  

Basil Genovese
Classic pesto basil.

Basil Siam Queen
Clove scented large leafed thai basil.

Basil Purple Delight
Classic basil flavor but with a deep purple leaf.

Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Very aromatic basil used in herbal teas and ethnic dishes.  Amazing scent!

Garlic Chives
Pretty in the garden, with a light garlic and onion flavor.  Produces white flowers.

French Tarragon 
Lovely french herb with a light anise flavor.

Summer Savory 
Must have culinary herb that is great for poultry, soups and sauces.

Sweet Marjoram
Easy to grow herb with a light oregano flavor.

Greek Oregano
A must have herb in Italian and Greek dishes. Pretty in the garden too!

A classic herb that is also easy to grow and a wonderful beneficial plant.

Sweet Mace (Mexican Mint Marigold)
A pungent herb loved by Southwest chefs.  A beautiful flowering plant too!

Lemon Balm
Related to mint, this herb makes a wonderful herbal tea and is pretty in a container.

An herbal tea plant, bee attractor, and cats love it.

Dukat Dill 
A variety that stays in the leaf stage longer than average.

Italian Parsley
Classic flat leafed parsley.

Bronze Fennel 
Beautiful tall lacy leafed beneficial plant.  Can inhibit the growth of other edibles, so place it carefully in the garden.

Winter Savory
More pungent than Summer Savory, this semi-woody perennial is low growing and produces tiny white flowers.  Makes a great border herb.

Lemon Verbena
A tall woody perennial whose leaves make a fantastic herbal digestive tea.  

BENEFICIALS: Plant these varieties between your edibles or in hard to reach areas for beauty and to attract pollinators and beneficial insects.  Your garden will be healthier for it!

Related to the carrot, this annual grows to 4' or 5' tall and produces beautiful white umbels that bees and butterflies love.  An all-around beneficial insect plant.

Phacelia - Bee's Friend
One of the top bee plants!  The prolific nectar and pollen attract bees, and the lacy foliage attracts other beneficial insects.

Cosmos Snow Sonata
A pretty, low growing cosmos that produces white blossoms. Great in the border or in between edibles.
Cosmos Diablo
Brilliant orange blooms on low growing plants.  A good border and companion plant.

Mahogany Nasturtium 
A garden favorite whose leaves and flowers are edible with a peppery flavor. Stunning deep red blossoms!

Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower)
Irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds, this 4' tall drought tolerant plant produces a profusion of brilliant orange flowers throughout the summer.

An indispensable beneficial plant.  It has a multitude of medicinal uses, is a compost activator, beneficial insect attractor, and a lovely flowering plant.  It does tend to spread, so keep it in check or plant it in a container.