Tomatoes - Late Season

Late season tomatoes are the ones we wait impatiently for.  When people think of big, beautiful, juicy, highly flavored tomatoes, often they fall into this category.  Most large beefsteak varieties are late, and many people associate the big colorful beefsteaks with "heirloom" status.  There are some truly delicious varieties here that, given a good growing season, will give you that knock-your-socks-off tomato experience.

Brad’s Black Heart

Mid Season 

Good in varying climates

Originated from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms. Wispy-droopy plants that yield lots of 12 oz., pink-black, heart-shaped tomatoes (mostly flattened hearts...some pointy, some blunt) with rich sweet complex flavors, typical of the best of the black tomatoes. A good producer in cooler growing regions as well as warmer regions. If you like the big, robust flavors of the black tomatoes you will want this one in your garden. 

Dr Wyche's Yellow Tomato
Dr. Wyche
Late Season

The Seed Savers story on this variety is priceless, including elephants, lions and tigers.  However, it is also an amazing tomato: 1 pound slicers that are golden-yellow, meaty, richly flavored and heavy yielders. A favorite at our Rodgers Ranch Urban Farm.

Orange Russian 117

Late Season 

Beautiful!  A cross between Russian 117 and Georgia Streak producing 1 to 2 lb., heart-shaped fruit, yellow-orange with a pink blush, very meaty with a red center. Flavor is big and fantastic, and well balanced.