Apple Pepper-250.jpeg


• Very Sweet
• Open Pollinated
• Mid Season

3' tall plants produce heart shaped 3"-4" peppers that ripen to red. Juicy, thick fleshed and very sweet, these peppers are great for snacking, salads, or roasting.

Frying Pepper "Jimmy Nardello"

• Sweet, Red
• Heirloom
• Early Season

Fantastic flavor and early production. Fruits are bright red with thin flesh, crisp, sweet and complex. Great for eating right off the vine or as a frying pepper. On Slow Food's Ark of Taste list as an endangered variety.

Orange Bell

• Sweet, Orange
• Bell type
• Open Pollinated
• Mid-Late Season

Excellent sweet flavor and productive for a bell. Some years fruit comes quite early, other years somewhat late, but always a good producer of thick fleshed, pretty, tasty bells.


Golden Marconi

• Sweet, Yellow
• Heirloom
• Mid Season

Delicious, sweet, large, thick-fleshed fruit on productive plants make this an easy, must-have pepper in the garden. Better than bells and more productive!



• Sweet
• Open Pollinated
• Mid Season

A Syrian sweet pepper with complex flavors. Sweet like an apple but complex like a raisin. Thick fleshed. This is a rare pepper here in the U.S.

Chervena Chushka-250.jpeg

Chervena Chushka

• Sweet
• Heirloom
• Mid Season

From Bulgaria, This sweet and crunchy heirloom is fantastic for roasting, but is also great eaten fresh. Productive plants produce 4"-5" long tapered fruits that ripen to bright red.

Frying Pepper "Shishito"

• Sweet/Mild, Red
• Small Frying Pepper
• Open Pollinated
• Mid Season

3" long tapered fruit are mild and very popular as a frying variety. Great as mild alternative to Padron, served tapas style. Very popular and expensive at market.



• No heat!
• Late Season

Habanada is a new, truly heatless habanero with all the bright, floral. wonderful flavors habaneros are known for, now unmasked! This one will have a place in my garden every year. Plants are productive, but fruit requires patience. Worth the wait. 


Hatch Red (Joe E. Parker)

• Mild-Medium Heat
• 1500-3000 SHU
• Red
• Early/Mid Season

An excellent New Mexico variety.  The 6”-8” pods ripen to a stunning earthy red.  Thick fleshed with sweetness and but mild to medium heat.  This do-it-all pepper is fabulous roasted or stuffed, but are fantastic raw too.  They produce very well and for a long season.

Hatch Green (Big Jim)

• Heirloom
• Medium heat
• 2000-4000 SHU
• Green
• Mid-Season

Unmatched flavor! My go-to chili for roasting and stuffing. Productive too. This is one of the famous 'Hatch' chilis grown for over a century in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. Medium heat. 

Spanish Pepper "Padron"

• Mild to Hot
• 3-4" tapered fruit
• Open Pollinated
• Mid Season

Classic tapas pepper. Small, thin-skinned, and mild when young (although about 1 in 20 will be hot). If left to mature to red, the peppers will be ruthlessly hot.   



Antep Aci Dolma-250.jpeg

Antep Aci Dolma

• Sweet + Med. Heat
• Open Pollinated
• Mid Season

From Turkey, this delicious pepper is both sweet and hot. Like a sweet bell pepper married a jalapeño, but without the bitter bell pepper aftertaste! If you like heat, this pepper is fantastic. Great for fresh eating or roasting and stuffing.

Jalapeño 'Jalmundo'

• Medium Heat
• 8,000 - 17,000 SHU
• Mid Season

Jumbo sized, thick-fleshed, crisp jalapeños, these easy-to-grow peppers are perfect for poppers, or for fresh salsas and guacamole. I find them to be on the mild side for a jalapeño.  Plants grow to 30" tall and are very productive. 

Serrano Tampiquiño

• Hot - Very Hot
• 8000-23,000 SHU
• Mid Season

A must for fresh salsas and guacamole. Notably hotter than jalapeños, these 2.5" long peppers grow on productive 2' plants.  

Ethiopian Berbere-250.jpg

Ethiopian Berbere

• Medium Hot
• Open Pollinated
• Mid Season

These rich, smoky chiles from NE Africa are a rare variety here. Named for the aromatic dried spice central to Ethiopian cuisine. Long narrow pods slowly ripen from green to brown and have a medium+ heat when fully ripe.