Doe Hill-250.jpg

Doe Hill Golden Bell

  • Sweet
  • Heirloom
  • Yellow
  • Early Season

Sweet, crisp, fleshy, palm-sized bells that ripen far earlier than bigger bells. Plants are productive and reach 30" tall. An heirloom from the Appalachian area of Doe Hill.

Frying Pepper "Jimmy Nardello"

  • Sweet, Red
  • 6-8" tapered fruit
  • Heirloom
  • Early Season

Fantastic flavor and production. Fruits are bright red with thin flesh, crisp, sweet and complex. Great for eating right off the vine or as a frying pepper. On Slow Food's Ark of Taste list as an endangered variety.

Orange Bell

  • Sweet, Orange
  • Medium Bell
  • Open Pollinated
  • Mid-Late Season

Excellent sweet flavor and productive for a bell. Some years fruit comes quite early, other years somewhat late, but always a good producer of thick fleshed, pretty, tasty bells.


Yellow Corno di Toro

  • Sweet, Yellow
  • 8-10" elongated fruit
  • Heirloom
  • Late Season

Delicious, sweet, large, thick-fleshed fruit on productive plants make this an easy, must-have pepper in the garden. Better than bells and more productive!


Red Corno di Toro

  • Sweet
  • Ripens to red
  • Late Season

Large, tapered red fruit with thick flesh and a crisp texture make this one irresistible. Dependable production and easy to grow.

Frying Pepper "Shishito"

  • Sweet/Mild, Red
  • Small Frying Pepper
  • Open Pollinated
  • Mid Season

3" long tapered fruit are mild and very popular as a frying variety. Great as mild alternative to Padron, served tapas style. Very popular and expensive at market.



  • No heat!
  • Ripens to Orange/Yellow
  • Late Season

Habanada is a new, truly heatless habanero with all the bright, floral. wonderful flavors habaneros are known for, now unmasked!  This one will have a place in my garden every year.  Plants are productive, but fruit requires patience. Worth the wait. 


Hatch Red (Joe E. Parker)

  • Mild-Medium Heat
  • 1500-3000 SHU
  • Red
  • Early/Mid Season

An excellent New Mexico variety.  The 6”-8” pods ripen to a stunning earthy red.  Thick fleshed with sweetness and but mild to medium heat.  This do-it-all pepper is fabulous roasted or stuffed, but are fantastic raw too.  They produce very well and for a long season.

Hatch Green (Hertitage Big Jim)

  • Heirloom
  • Medium heat
  • 2000-4000 SHU
  • Green
  • Mid-Season

Unmatched flavor! My go-to chili for roasting and stuffing. Productive too. This is one of the famous 'Hatch' chilis grown for over a century in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. Medium heat. 

Spanish Pepper "Padron"

  • Mild to Hot
  • 3-4" tapered fruit
  • Open Pollinated
  • Mid Season

Classic tapas pepper. Small, thin-skinned, and mild when young (although about 1 in 20 will be hot). If left to mature to red, the peppers will be ruthlessly hot.   



Jalapeño 'Jalmundo'

  • Hot - Very Hot
  • 8,000 - 17,000 SHU
  • Mid Season

Jumbo sized, thick-fleshed jalapeños, these easy-to-grow peppers are perfect for poppers, or for fresh salsas and guacamole.  Plants grow to 30" tall and are very productive. 

Serrano Tampiquiño

  • Hot - Very Hot
  • 8000-23,000 SHU
  • Mid Season

A must for fresh salsas and guacamole. Notably hotter than jalapeños, these 2.5" long peppers grow on productive 2' plants.  


  • Very Hot!
  • 100,000-500,000 SHU
  • Ripens to Orange/Yellow
  • Late Season

3.5" fruits are blazing hot yet sweet and floral. Famous in St. Augustine, FL where they are grown and used extensively in hot sauces, jellies and Minorcan dishes. St Augustine holds a festival honoring this chili.