Aren't flowers amazing?  For example, feast your eyes on these Pacific Coast irises, grown by a volunteer at the Markham Arboretum.

I thought I'd start off with some eye candy, because, well, we are sold out of several varieties of tomatoes, and getting down to the bone on most of the rest.  We had the best intentions of keeping y'all updated more frequently on our inventory.  But, the dog ate our homework and we just just don't have a better excuse than that.

However, since we are shocked, SHOCKED to find that you are enjoying the blog, let us offer you a treatise on the hot topic of: to pinch or not pinch tomato flowers.

Anti-pinchers, like Farmer Fred, feel that any loss of any blossom is simply an unnecessary loss of fruit.  Pinchers, like yours truly feel that removing early blossoms will help contribute to the plant using its energy to better establish itself, and thus ultimately produce more fruit.  In other words, we are right: pinch, but don't go crazy.