Coming Out of Hibernation

Posted by Kelley

It snuck up again. I swear every year that I'll be well prepared. Maybe it's that we still haven't had our rainy season. Maybe it's just like all those grown-ups said when I was a kid...time flies by faster and faster as we get older.  Well this last one was a blur, and here we are in March.  Daylight savings time is days away!  
Potting benches almost finished
We have come out of hibernation.  I built some potting benches to replace our old one--which was an old steel door propped up on garbage cans.  I put a canopy over them too so we don't have to pot up in the rain.  Our seedlings are looking great and are growing like mad.  Most are screaming to get potted up and into the greenhouse.  We still have some seed to start, but most of the tomatoes and peppers have germinated.  

We have some new varieties to add to the mix, and I'm working on getting them posted.  Tune in again shortly!